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Design Trends

Trends are constantly evolving especially in interior design. A few current interior design trends of 2021 consist of using strong accent colors, bold accent walls and incorporating curved statement pieces into a design.

Incorporating a strong primary color against a muted, neutral palette has become a popular trend. This trend helps create balance and harmony within the space. The neutral tones provide warmth and comfort. Meanwhile, the primary colors provide energy, liveliness and animation. The additional color infused within the space adds personality to the design. Neutral colors and primary colors compliment one another without one of the colors overpowering the other. This helps create a comforting contrast between the colors within the environment.

Accent walls are a popular current trend. The addition of an accent wall leads to more opportunities to incorporate texture and warmth into a space. The addition of an accent wall has the ability to soften a design as well as strengthen. An accent wall has the ability to impact the design by making a bold statement. Including an accent wall can further your design in many different ways. There are a variety of different ways that accent walls can be created in a space. For example, the usage of interior paint, wallpaper or even decorative wood paneling can lead to a functional, successful and trendy accent wall within a design.

Curved statement pieces have become a current trend due to the impact the specific pieces have within a design. Curved statement pieces provide movement and architectural design as well as maintaining a soft and relaxed space. Curves capture attention while radiating clarity and freshness. Curved statement pieces are an important factor in creating an original design. The unique, curved statement pieces add an element in the process of having the design tell its own story.

Article published in "Design (& Redesign) Tips with Sueann" column of HSRA Staging & Redesign Publication September 2021 Edition. To view full magazine, click here.

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